SUQQU Powder Foundation Glow

I had an awesome beauty experience at the SUQQU counter at Selfridges, where I was fortunate enough to be greeted by the loveliest sales assistant I have ever spoken to. She was very thorough in the consultation (I didn't even make an appointment!) and gave such knowledgeable application & product advice that I left super happy and impressed with the result.

I was recommended the Powder Foundation Glow in shade 15, which is one of SUQQU's lightest foundation shades. Shade 10 also looked like a good match on me but it's slightly pink toned so I decided to go for 15 after my previous disaster with pink shades.

This is probably the most expensive foundation I've purchased to date, but I think it's a genuinely a superior product and therefore totally worth it; when I've had foundation matches/makeovers I was happy with in store in the past, once I'd taken the product(s) home I couldn't recreate the same finish or the colour match was totally off. With SUQQU Powder Foundation, it looks exactly the same on me now as it did in store, making my skin look fresh, radiant and effortlessly flawless. I don't normally use a primer and don't need a concealer afterwards either as the coverage is so perfect.

Packaging is very sleek, but annoyingly the case picks up every single little fingerprint. It comes with a protective velvet sleeve to store the case in. I wish the foundation had a higher SPF though - at only SPF16 PA++ it's not enough so I wear at least SPF35 underneath.

The foundation compact is sold separately

Even after 10+ hours the foundation still looks as freshly applied as when I first put it on, which is miles better than any foundation or BB cream I have ever used as I don't need to touch up at all. The sponge is velvety soft and I love the finish provided by its comforting soft strokes. Powder Foundation Glow comes in a smooth powder form, but feels lightweight and almost moist at the same time. The finish is very natural - not flakey/cakey/powdery and I don't notice any dry patches whatsoever. It evens out my skintone, makes me look poreless and my skin super smooth to touch.

As far as colour match goes, 15 is actually a bit too dark & yellow for me under natural light, whereas under shop light it looked like a perfect match (yes I should have walked out to double check first). However if I blend furiously and apply my favourite powder (Majolica Majorca Pressed Fantasia 24h) on top, it brightens the foundation so it looks like a perfect match unless I inspect really closely with a mirror.

Is it worth £40? Absolutely. Will I purchase again? I'm certain I will, though possibly a different type of powder/liquid foundation if they better suit my skin type, or even a different shade (10 maybe?), but either way unless I find something better SUQQU Powder Foundation Glow is officially my favourite.

Next time I revist SUQQU I will definitely go back to the same SA - I honestly cannot rave about her enough and I'll actually phone in advance to make sure she's there jelir


  1. I only recently discovered the wonders of Suqqu and while I have not tried the foundations I love the eyeshadows.

  2. I loved SUQQU eyeshadows too when I had my makeover, but didn't purchase any as I already own very similar shades. I'm now seriously considering a few eyeshadow quads though!

  3. Thanks for the great review! I'm fancying this product for a while now, since I prefer powder foundations over fluid ones. But I ended up with buying the RMK Powder Foundation EX instead.

    Nevertheless, I'd still love to try out this one!

    It sounds to be really good. Hm, I have very fair skin with redness in places, so I wonder, if #10 wouldn't be too pink for me...
    Also, does it easily oxidize around the oilier T-zone area (especially the nose)?

    Hope to hear from you! ;)

  4. Hi Jess! Thanks for stopping by ^^ I have combination skin so my t zone is often oily (although not overly so) whereas my cheeks are pretty much totally blemish free.

    I haven't noticed any oxdization at all; it looks as freshly applied throughout the day as when I first apply it and keeps my t zone shine free ^^

    15 is a bit on the dark side for me (NC15/NC20), especially since my skin becomes a bit lighter in winter, but I blend it in like crazy and it's a good (but not perfect) match. I haven't tried 10 though so can't say how pink it is in comparison. If you can I really recommend trying it in person <3

  5. Hello again! ;)
    Thank you for the reply!
    Quite a while passed, but I'm still so interested in this powder foundation (since I prefer powder foundation over liquid foundation for some reason).

    Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to have a look at the product (shades) in person, since I'm situated in Austria. Sigh! So, #15 is really too dark for you? Me, I'm also about MAC NC 15/20 but they are not perfect, since they still have too much of pink to it, which I think looks awful on my skin.