Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine - Bubbleminty

I've wanted to try out the Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine since reading rave reviews about it, plus I love pretty much all things minty so it seemed like a perfect gloss for me. Unfortunately at the time of ordering, the only shade in stock was the orginal Clear Shine but I was more interested in Bubbleminty (listed as Pink on the VS site for some odd reason) so decided to wait.

When it finally arrived I wasted no time in tearing off the small plastic wrapper, eager to see if it lived up to my expectations. As soon as I sniffed it I was greeted by a delicious wave of minty bubblegum which was both sweet and very refreshing.

The gloss comes out a light pink with sparse shimmer but is clear & smooth when applied, very glossy, non sticky and hydrating too - pretty much everything I look for in a lipgloss. Plus the peppermint oil makes my lips feel cool (but not tingly). Best of all it even tastes like bubblegum (and makes me want to eat...)!!

I can definitely feel its breath freshening effects when I wear it, and it is quite long lasting as well, although the minty feel wears off before the actual gloss does. As it starts to wear off it doesn't leave a tacky residue like some glosses do. Although I think this is more of a gloss/balm hybrid rather than a pure gloss, I would choose a more nourishing balm just for chapped lips or as an overnight treatment.

The downside of this is that I now want other flavours as well
jelir in particular the spearmint, strawberry mint and possibly vanilla mint.

The Beauty Rush glosses are always on offer anyway - $7 each, 2 for $12 or 5 for $20 so I might just take this opportunity to add a few to my next VS order!


  1. Hi bunny here, I'm not sure if they're sellinq these anymore or if they just changed the product look?! but how can i get more of these beauty rush minty lip shine w/ peppermint oil?

  2. I think these have been discontinued... Can't remember when I last saw them being sold at VS. Your best bet would probably be ebay.

    It's such a pity as I really liked them too =(