The Pip Box - July 2017

The Pip Box is a relatively new beauty box, launched in February this year if I remember correctly. Their main selling point is offering natural, cruelty-free products, and 50p from every box sold is donated to an animal friendly charity.

I signed up for the launch box back in December 2016 but decided to cancel after seeing content spoilers, as I wasn't a fan of the products. Then I forgot about The Pip Box until I was emailed a discount code to try a month for £12.50 + £3.35 postage (£15.85 total) as opposed to the regular monthly price of £14.99 + £3.35 postage (£18.34 total).

The box comes with a card that lists the products in the box, their respective retail price and discount codes for the included brands. Out of the two choices available, cruelty-free or vegan, I picked the former.

Balm Balm Rose Floral Water, 30ml, RRP £7.50 and Balm Balm Organic Muslin Face Cloth, worth £2.83 (RRP £8.50 for 3 cloths)
Although I like the rose water, I think it's expensive for the amount that you get; there are better priced alternatives that are just as nice (for example, the organic rosewater spray I've been buying from Etsy is only around £10 for 150ml). As for the muslin cloth, I'm not too impressed by how it feels - it's not very soft and bit too rough for my face. I won't be purchasing either of these.

Chirp Body Softnest Hair Mask, full size, £17.95
At first glance this seems expensive for a hair mask, but according to the product website, it's good for 5+ uses on average (hair thickness and length dependent), so it isn't too bad value. You use this as you would a face mask - by leaving it in your hair for about 25 minutes before rinsing it off. Since I'm due a haircut tomorrow, there's not much point in using the mask right now, but I'm really looking forward to trying it because it smells amazing!

Miss Patisserie Lip Balm Pot, 10g, RRP £? (unable to find it on their website)
According to the card, this lip balm is available in mint, grape and orange. I was initially pleased to see that the one I received was orange, my second choice. However, the scent is so faint that it's as good as nonexistent, and the balm itself is quite possibly the most rock slid lip product I've ever tried. I even wondered whether I'd received a dodgy product, but having asked The Pip Box, I was advised that these balms are not heavily scented and "quite solid"... I'll pass. I do not want a lip balm that needs to be scooped out using my nails, is difficult to spread (its consistency is akin to pure shea butter) and just sits on top of my lips. Tossed out and would not recommend.

Glisten Cosmetics Glitter Pot, full size, £4.50 and Glisten Cosmetics Primer, full size, £4
The glitter pot is available in either rose gold or silver, and although I received my preferred rose gold, over the top glitter isn't my thing, and I can't see myself having any use for the primer. Therefore, both of these will end up being thrown out.

Total value of the box - £36.78. Personally, at the non-reduced price, I'm unlikely to be subscribing to The Pip Box in the future. The only product that I like this month is the hair mask, and the lip balm turned out to be a huge disappointment.

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