HERA Cushion Liner from Global Interpark [Review]

Global Interpark is a site I discovered fairly recently; they are similar to Gmarket, where your orders are shipped by Korean sellers to their headquarters before being forwarded to you. Although their stock is nowhere near as extensive as Gmarket's, items from the free international shipping section tend to be the cheapest you can find. Products in this section include Laneige, IOPE, SU:M37 and Sulwhasoo, and new items are added periodically.

So far I've placed 9 orders, and they usually take around 2 weeks to reach the UK. Luckily, I haven't yet been charged customs. The only thing I dislike about their free "international" shipping is that if your shipping address is in the UK, the website only lets you checkout items under 500g in weight. No skincare sets for me then...

I've been wanting to try HERA for a while, and this Cushion Liner in 02 Amber Brown (also available in 01 Black) in the free shipping section caught my eye. Including PayPal fees, the total was around £15 - quite reasonably priced given the included angled brush.

According to HERA, this eyeliner is:
"A liquid gel - liner with both benefits of no-smudging from liquid eyeliner and smooth and easy application from gel-liner"

As the name states, this is a "cushion" liner, so inside the small pot, there's an eyeliner fluid soaked cushion. Simply dab the brush into the cushion a few times to pickup enough product, and you're good to go.

The issue I have with most eyeliners, is that they're either difficult to apply (liquid), or they smudge/transfer onto my eyelid at some point (gel, pencil). So I was excited to have found one that claimed to be both easy to apply and smudge free.

Even though this liner literally doesn't budge at all once dry, because it dries so quickly, it's inevitable that some areas (such as the outer corners of the eyes) need going over multiple times, which is when some of the half-dried liner will flake off - the key is to not layer it. As such, it's more difficult to achieve as sharp a line as you would be able to with a liquid liner.

As for the angled brush, I'm not a huge fan, because the line it draws is a bit thicker than I like, and isn't as precise as my Koyudo eyeliner brush. That said, this brush is still perfectly functional and handy to have as a spare.

All in all, this is a decent eyeliner that I'll keep for the time being, but I'm not sure if I'll repurchase.

Amount of product - 2g


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