2016 Year of the Monkey Rilakkuma Plushes

What better way to start the year than a fresh delivery of Rilakkuma? In addition to a few limited edition plushes, for me, the most notable is no other than the 2016 New Year Rilakkuma series.

Being year of the monkey, you get Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori dressed up in monkey costumes. Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma have been given a cymbal playing wind-up monkey, while Kiiroitori, presumably too small to have his own monkey toy, comes with a monkey shoulder bag instead.




The reverse of the monkey costume is emblazoned with "2016".

These are actually the first New Year Rilakkuma plushes I have, since I wasn't a fan of the previous New Year releases (sheep, horse, dragon, snake etc).

Out of the three, my favourite is Rilakkuma, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the San-X shop stocking an "oversized" version, which is the same as the regular Rilakkuma monkey plush, just bigger, and sitting down.

I ordered as soon as he was available, but he ended up staying in Tenso's warehouse for about a month while I pondered over what packages I wanted to consolidate.

Aww... That plush tail is just adorable!

According to official measurements, oversized monkey Rilakkuma is 50 x 41 x 35cm, making him the second biggest plush in my collection. I always keep my Rilakkuma plushes unopened in their plastic bags to protect them from dust, but I think this very huggable bear is big enough to come out and chill!

And yes, he is incredibly soft.


  1. omg Rilakkuma at it cutest *0* i wanna own it all!


    1. These are some of my favourites too! :D

  2. Do you buy from the San-X net shop and use Tenso or? I'm just curious as I'm wanting to place a huge koguma chan order from there! Haha, please let me know ^^

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, the monkey Rilakkuma plushes were purchased from the San-X shop and forwarded with Tenso =)

  3. Sorry for all the questions - but was the shipping reasonable for the giant monkey? Just because in terms weight that must have been pretty heavy and I am also wanting to order a giant plush I am just asking for reference purposes. Thank you for taking your time to reply to me. ^^

    1. No worries, I don't mind at all ^_^ When the big monkey arrived at Tenso, it weighed around 2.3kg including packaging, but I had him consolidated with a few other items and the total weight was 2.7kg, so shipping to the UK was ¥6200. With consolidation + handling fees on top, total shipping was just over ¥8000 (still much cheaper than a flight to Japan :P)