Bears, bears, everywhere!

It's December already! New month = more Rilkkuma from FromJapan! Since San-X releases new Rilakkuma goods every month, I'll place an order if more than 5 items catch my eye, otherwise it's not really worth shipping via EMS.

It has actually been suggested that I rename my blog to "Not Enough Bears" =P because at this rate, I'll soon have more Rilakkuma than the number of lip glosses I have in my stash.

Group photo:

Plush Rilakkuma accessories organiser - great for storing items such as lip glosses, jewellery and pens.

Shoe shaped Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori storage pouches. These can be attached to a bag or on a keyring.

Ceramic Koilakkuma/Rilakkuma soup spoons

Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma face drawstring pouches

Rilakkuma plush storage bear for phone/pens/lip glosses. Adorable addition to my desk.

Korilakkuma & Rilakkuma hair scrunchies

Pink Rilakkuma cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, my next phone. I'd been on the search for a cover I liked enough, and found nothing prior to this.

Gold Rilakkuma face earrings - These are officially licensed by San-X, and are made with 10k gold. What they lack in size, they definitely make up for in cuteness 

They're very comfortable to wear, too.

And last but not least, Naturaglace Dolce Collection Winter 2013 coffret, plus Eye Color Jelly in SV. Will play with these later and report back! 


  1. So many rilas!!!! I like the rila earrings!!! They are so adorable!

    I saw naturaglace counter when I was in Tokyo and thought of you immediately. lol

  2. Lol :P Did you get anything from that counter?

  3. No.. I'd spent a bit too much on another counter, so I skipped naturaglace >_<

  4. Oooh what did you get instead? Post post!

  5. Can you post a blog "How-To" step-by-step guide of purchasing off this site? It gets confusing and I don't know what the best things to do are :S