Rilakkuma from Mira Plush

Thought I'd share a small haul from I ordered on the 25th and it only took 5 days to reach me from Hong Kong!

Korilakkuma plush from the Rilakkuma Sweets collection. I would have grabbed Rilakkuma as well if he wasn't out of stock =(

Holding a pink candy heart lollipop with gold embroidered "R" (surely it should be "K"?), she's wearing a baby pink hooded cape displaying various fruity edibles. So so adorable!

The handwritten note adds a lovely personal touch.

And rolls of Rilakkuma chara/washi tape to decorate stuff with:

Michelle, the owner of MiraPlush, is super sweet and my queries were always answered within a day. Her prices are very reasonable too. I highly recommend checking out her store for Rilakkuma goodies!


  1. awwwww!! cute!!!! don't tempt me with rila~~~!!

  2. You can never have too much Rilakkuma! ;)