A lot of stuff from Ekilove

Major eye candy post coming up...

I always rave about how cute and well made Eki's handmade items are, and every time she puts up a new batch I usually find myself snapping up some items.

These consist of several hauls from Eki xD

Babydoll couture pouch - a very pretty princessy pouch with pink polka dot lining. It's one of my favorite Ekilove items and I use it to store fave lip products.

It came packaged like a gift in pretty pink packaging.

Eki always includes freebies with every purchase which is very generous & sweet of her.

Crown couture necklace
Swarovski heart crystal and sterling silver crown on a silver chain. I absolutely love this simple yet beautiful piece, especially that there's another crystal inside the crown.

Eki even sent me a cute pink flower ring, eye mask and a sweet personalized note! The candies disappeared rather quickly though...

Ekilove Princess & Ice Princess bracelets
I wanted these when I first saw them in Eki's store, but didn't manage to snap them up in time. Luckily she restocked, and since I couldn't decide between them, I went for one of each.

Eki included sweets, a My Beauty Diary mask, purple ring and a pair really cute pearl earrings. There was a sweet handwritten note too. I love how Eki packs her parcels and every time I open one it feels like opening a gift.

Pink princess bracelet - pink swarovski pearls with gold charms, and a big swarovski crystal heart.

Pink ice princess bracelet - same as above, but with silver charms. I love both bracelets xD


  1. Oooo such pretty jewelery! I Actually have the same crown necklace, except mine has a pink heart.

  2. Thank you, I love them too =) I think the necklace with a pink heart would look really cute xD