More Gmarket awesomeness!

Since I'm rather behind on posts, this will be my second entry for the day jelir

Luckily another one of my Gmarket orders arrived this afternoon so I can post about it. I love how the package took only 4 days to get to me including the weekend too; Gmarket is seriously efficient when it comes to shipping out items, awesome!

This time I purchased a few Etude House items, and banila co's latest eyeshadow palette. Swatches and reviews to follow.

banila co Deep The Night Multi Eye Kit (the packaging is seriously pretty). I will try to post a review of it along with my other banila co palettes this week. It's starting to get dark a lot earlier now so I'll wait to take more pics during the day.

No flash

Taken with flash

Etude House Moistfull Special Set, Peach Skin Pact and Precious Mieral Brightener.

I also received some freebie primers, and a toner & emulsion mini pack from EH's new Total Age Repair range - I have no use for this though hehe.

I think I've pretty much run out of things I want to get from EH and banila co (~sigh~), unless they release a bunch of new items of course. In the meantime I'll try to review what I've purchased so far asap - there's a rather large backlog!


  1. Hehe, I also just received my Gmarket loots last Saturday, ordred some clothes, Etude House (I got the Age Repair range too lol~) and some other stuffs..

    Awaiting for your reviews on Banila Co & Etude House items! ^-^

  2. I think we're both addicted to that site ;)

  3. Lol~ Totally agree with you!

    I have a Nov Gmarket ban imposed to prevent myself from buying stuffs (I don't need and) on impulse. Need to save up for Xmas coffert sets! I'm eyeing so many of them!!!