Cute stuff from Yumeko's sales blog!

My long awaited cute brush rolls & scrunchies from Yumeko arrived today!! I'd been stalking her sales blog for days and finally managed to snap up 2 brush rolls and 2 scrunchies (for my sisters)!

Was not impressed with the mail company (Royal Fail) however, as they somehow managed to tear the packaging so the package arrived inside a "we're sorry" blahblah plastic bag. At least nothing was missing but still ¬_¬

These look even better in person!

My Melody brush roll
My fave colour pink & that bunny is so adorable!

Rilakkuma Cafe brush roll

Too cute! I love Rilakkuma and especially ♥ the fruity strap.

Both brush rolls have 6 compartments for brushes; I can fit 1 big brush in them or 2-3 smaller ones. They're much more portable not to mention way cuter than my cumbersome monotone MAC brush roll (which will now be replaced by these)! Love!! ^^

Cinnamoroll scrunchies

Purchased 2 for my little sisters (twins) whose birthday is soon. Matching hair scrunchies will be cuteness overload hehe.

Hopefully Yumeko will have another scrunchie sale soon so I can snap up more cuteness ^^


  1. whee u got them!
    so glad u like them all
    i still giggle at the thought of twins wearing identical srunchies
    they must be sooo darn cute!!!

  2. Thank you again Yumeko! <3 I'm sure they'll love the scrunchies too!